RAM in Japan

Pronunciation Practice February

August 14, 2022 Richard Ostrowski
RAM in Japan
Pronunciation Practice February
Show Notes Transcript

You can practice these words by yourself, with your family  or with your students. In the transcript you will find the Word List and the CheckUp answers. (CheckUp A and CheckUp B).
You can copy the Word List from the transcript  and give them to your students.
CLICK HERE to go to YouTube video page. At the YouTube video page you can do the same practice with Rick. Check it out!



1. thin             6. both

2. thick           7. bath

3. think            8. moth

4. thumb        9. month

5. three          10. with

Check up A      8 moth     3 think     6 both      1 thin     7 bath      9  month
Check up B      2 thick     4 thumb   6 both      1 thin     10 with     5 three