RAM in Japan


August 10, 2022 Richard Ostrowski
RAM in Japan
Show Notes Transcript

I am pretty lucky. I have lived here and there. I have done and have seen a lot of things. I have had many experiences. This is one of them. Come to think of it,  I am very lucky.


John offered all his friends in Michigan an opportunity to come and live in Colorado. Colorado? He had been living there for a year. He returned to Michigan a couple of times and friends would all get together with him. He invited everyone to come and visit or even live in Colorado. He is a very fun guy. Everyone likes John. And he likes everyone else, even a dope like me. 

After working two and a half years at two different computers I had worn out my welcome in my home town and needed a change. I hadn’t done anything bad; I just needed to get away. I accepted Johns offer. I sold my car and whatever else I could. I said goodbye to my mom and dad and moved to Snowmass, Colorado in 1978. I was 26 years old. 

So, now, in this strange new place I had to survive. It was high in the Rocky Mountains. The snow was beautiful and very cold. The autumn leaves were not the Michigan reds and yellows. The Aspen trees here, with their white barks, changed their leaves to gold. It was amazing! John helped me out a lot. He had no problem living in this environment or anywhere for that matter. I was like a fish out of water. 

Soon, John decided he would move to Maui, Hawaii. I think I was invited. I couldn’t stay alone in Colorado. I was again fortunate to ride along with John to Maui. I never asked any questions. I just went along for the ride.

We settled In Lahaina. I have no idea how or why he chose this place but I’m certainly glad he did. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. And thanks to John I lived there for close to five years. That in itself is amazing. 

We met Preacher soon after our arrival in Lahaina. We were there with our new Lahaina friend, Sam and we visited Preachers place. Preacher was a carpenter, tall and muscular. When we entered, he was naked, chasing a woman in the house. Sam just grinned at us. 

A couple of years later, I was at a bar having lunch.  Preacher and 6 or 7 other men were standing and talking in the center of the restaurant. Two of the men were Haolies. (Haolies are not local people.) Preacher was facing two of them and they were arguing I believe. Suddenly Preacher punched the man on the right, directly in his nose. He fell backwards onto the floor. His partner looked at his fallen friend when suddenly Preacher hit him square in his right ear. This man crumpled to the floor lie a deflated balloon. I left my table and fled outside. I didn’t want any part of a melee. But nothing else happened.

My third encounter with Preacher was a couple of weeks before I left Maui for Japan. The main street in Lahaina is Front Street. It runs along the coast. Lahaina town lies on the North side of Front Street. Behind Lahaina town is an alley way. It is manly used for deliveries to the restaurants and shops that line Front Street. 

It was midnight as I was walking home by myself along that back alley. There are houses on both sides of this alley and they all have gardens. I had just visited a friend to say Goodbye and I was almost home. I was approaching a light pole on my right hand side. A couple of meters before the pole I stopped dead in my tracks. The night was quiet and still. I felt something was not right. After a few seconds I crossed my arms in front of my face and started to walk. I sensed danger, but saw none. I continued to walk a few meters past the light pole and then felt safe again. I lowered my arms and continued home.

Two days later I heard gossip about one guy who had been to the hospital. I knew the gent. He lived very near my place. I visited him. His entire face was in bandages. The story is that the night before he was walking home past that same light pole when Preacher suddenly appeared from behind it and punched him square in the nose. He received 130 tiny stitches to repair his face. 

I may have been lucky. I prefer to believe that I was destined to come and live in Japan for some reason or other. 

The end