RAM in Japan

My June 2022

July 06, 2022 Richard Ostrowski
RAM in Japan
My June 2022
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This is a recap of my June for the year 2022.

My June 2022

The weather gets hotter in June. That is natural. The bad news is that the rainy season was declared over, or finished, or ended on June 17th. That is very early. We need rain for many reasons. Actually I love the rain. To be honest, I love every kind of weather. I think the changing seasons make our bodies and minds stronger. What do you think?

So, in June, 2022,

1. I quit weeding and clearing the vacant lot near my house. Actually, I quit twice this month. The first time was early in June when my back was a little sore. Then, in mid-June I did some weeding. Then in late June I decided to call it quits permanently. I have a separate podcast with the complete story.

2. I did my final Talkshow. The Talkshows were an idea that I put into operation this year. I did 15 Talkshows from February to June. I was unhappy with the results but they were worth the effort. Again, you can hear the details on another podcast.

3. I continued podcasting. I believe, telling my stories are a good way for students to improve their English. People can also hear of my adventures here in japan.

4. I didn’t drink alcohol. That is 13 straight months that I have abstained. 

5. I did my morning exercises each and every day. I am thoroughly enjoying those results. 

6. I did much gardening and weeding around our house. But those weeds just keep coming.

7. There are no holidays in June, so I had my hardest work schedule this month, as it is every June.

8. I got some nice gifts for Father’s Day, including socks and food.

9. We had a fun Barbeque at the new in-laws place. It is a 20-minute drive from our house. There was lots of food, drinks and good cheer all around.

10. I used a new software to assist in my podcasts. I got great results after some initial setbacks.

11. I bought a new smartphone. My old one didn’t have enough memory. Now, I’m good to go.

12. I made two YouTube videos for the first time in a long time. It was easier to do than I remembered. I expect to do more in the future.

13. I discovered a new way to make CDs and texts for my Eiken students. It will be a great time-saver. And speaking of our students 15 of them took the Eiken tests.  12 passed…very good results, indeed.

Of course I have many plans for July. As the saying goes “There’s no rest for the wicked.”